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So I have had this tank up and running now for ~5 months and to be honest I haven't been doing anything with it at all. I threw some java moss in there, a java fern, a Buddah and some cheap feeder guppies. Later on I decided that I would put in a moss wall (or attempt) and that's half going half not...

Here is the Before:
Organism Grass Art Plant Sculpture

Plant Botany Branch Organism Terrestrial plant

Green Plant Botany Organism Vegetation

I decided that it was in need of some re-vamping, so I got to work tonight and started removing, trimming, moving, etc.....

Here is the After:

Water Vertebrate Light Green Pet supply

I took much of the moss on the wood and re-wrapped most of it to the driftwood, I know I want a really mossed out piece and filled in some empty spots.

Vertebrate Underwater Organism Marine biology Pet supply

When I trimmed the wall, I had enough left that I thought was worth salvaging to start a moss rock, I plan on having some more rocks to create small hiding places soon.

Organism Pet supply Grass Terrestrial plant Plant

Moss Wall after the trim, I may need to re-work/plan if I want to keep a wall in here.

Plant Pet supply Water Marine biology Fish supply

Tank Specs
10 Gallon
Whisper HOB 15 Gallon rated filter (with SS mesh for inlet)
15W T8 Bulb
Air Stone (more than likely coming out)
Using API Co2 booster until I can work out a CO2 setup (gotta save some pennies)

Plants Currently in Tank
Java Moss
Java Fern

Animals currently in tank
~20 feeder guppies (they will be coming out soon)
~10 ghost shrimp

Future Plans
DIY or Paintball CO2
Working on Moss Wall to get it to fill in
Removal of guppies

I think this will be my first foray into shrimp once I get the guppies out, I will start with ghosties (since they are so cheap) and if I can get a colony of them going (yes I know the confines are small) it will help me figure out my plans for my next tank which I am in the planning stages and would love to do planted/shrimp in.

Let me know what you think, I will be reserving the next few posts to help keep things organized I do like adding pictures :)

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Starting Phase Two

So I decided to get a bit of work done tonight since I had some time (which I should of been spending working on a webpage for class :icon_cry: ) Anyway I got a few things in that I wanted to get to work on since I had been soaking for ph test for quite a while now

Anyway here's the update for 11/7/12

Things Added
  • Added some Natural Rocks
  • Continuing usage of API CO2 Booster, however I think from this bottle on in this tank I will be using excel
  • New Media (whew those guppies did a number on this tank)
  • They aren't added yet but one or two bristle noses will be coming to this tank, they have a nice cave home ready for them :)

Things Removed
  • Guppies - YUP Tank is happily cycled showing good levels and is ready to move on! No more guppies in here (well except maybe 2 or 3 babies that eluded capture, boy they swim fast even in an empty tank)
  • Completed a substrate vaccum - Getting ready to swap substrate to a darker substrate for shrimp at some point soon

And now for the Money Shot --well if you can call it that :)
Water Vertebrate Black Rectangle Pet supply

Onward to Phase Three:

Well it's been a busy day and with shrimp on the way I had to up my game and get things done quick!

Things Removed:
  • White Substrate
  • Moss Wall Attempt (this is where I was getting some Spikes, the inside was all brown and soupy UGH)
  • ~10 Ghost Shrimp (xfered to my 55 gallon)
  • 4 Baby Guppies (xfered to my 55 gallon only 3 made it one jumped out of the cup onto the carpet and after spending 5 minutes looking for it may he/she RIP

Things Added:
  • EcoComplete Substrate
  • Corkscrew Vals
  • Black Background

Things On the Way:
  • PFR Shrimps :)
  • Cholla Wood

During the substrate change I saved approx 50% of the old water and the filter media hoping with the ecocomplete that it will adjust to normal quickly since all I did was swap substrate

So here's todays picture updates:

Changing the Substrate:
Liquid Rectangle Fluid Drinkware Tableware

Waiting for the cloudyness to disappear:
View attachment 57108

Here's hoping it takes off and does well I'm excited for where this tank is going! :bounce:

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Oh, it looks like we are going the same direction with attempting a low-light moss wall! I look forward to the updates on how it fills out.

But I think that moss walls usually tend to grow out instead of across (in between the mesh). You best bet would be to trim it back periodically, and then maybe insert the clippings into the mesh to try to spread it out more evenly if you want a thick wall, rather than just growing out into the tank.

I might be wrong, though. Honestly, I am just starting myself.

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But I think that moss walls usually tend to grow out instead of across (in between the mesh). You best bet would be to trim it back periodically, and then maybe insert the clippings into the mesh to try to spread it out more evenly if you want a thick wall, rather than just growing out into the tank.
Hi Chinachilla! I am contemplating doing a bit of a rebuild on the moss wall as I am not satisfied with the mesh that is currently in place, I may also be removing it and trying some other things with it, this is my sort of experiment tank :eek5:

If not I know that I will be starting to look at a moss wall on a larger scale in a 20L that I am looking at building, I am just messing around trying to get some mechanics down atm but I def will keep updates coming :)

Hey man the problem with your moss wall is that you are using java moss.
There are a lot of better types of moss that would be better suited for this application. Maybe try fissidens moss it's worked good for me in the past.
Aquarium - yea I have been looking into that, when I first started this moss wall a few months back and stuffed it full I was kinda just messing around with the entire planted tank push, I have been getting much more into it since xD I have been getting a very soft spot for Fissidens and am really planning on dropping it into my next tank any idea on how long it takes to fill out ?

Added this weeks shot and starting transition to phase two of my plan

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looks good :) I think i want to start growing moss in my it a slow grower?
Thanks! It all depends on the tank and the setup you have. This is a low tech tank with very light water column ferts (once a week the day after a change) and no CO2 injection so in this tank Java moss grows slowly (but still grows ok in there)

In my 55 Gallon tank with high light/injected CO2 I am trimming my xmas moss about once a month and tying it down somewhere else.

It all depends on your setup :)

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And the shrimping begins :)

Update 11/14/2012

Already making friends with the bristlenoses :)

Update 11/24/12

Boy these guys are getting red :) -- Sorry iphone focus fail

They are enjoying the new moss and it appears to be starting to green up that makes me a happy camper

Full Tank Shot


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They're doing well, several have been molting lately and I'm seeing some good coloration starting, IDK if I have lost any it's hard to get a count on them and they hide really well, I do need to get a good trim done on some of the leaves that weren't happy

Updated to current pictures...and I totally just realized that I missed a plant stem up behind the filter >< LOL

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12/19/12 Update

Well WOW a month has already passed and I've been sick the last week so I got to work today to update and at least try to photo one tank :)

All levels have been stable now for the last month and I must say that this tank is def doing great!

So here's some pics (not too many shrimps today I need to find my REAL camera iphone 5 camera is great but is def no replacement for a camera with a nice macro lens :confused1: )

Full Tank Shot from the Front

Moss with the Shrimp, wow this stuff has bounced back amazingly from it's unhappy state at the LFS

A more top down shot of the moss, I will be having to trim this and mesh some soon :)

Brazilian Pennywort growing nicely

The Shrimps are getting big :redface:

The Cholla is starting to get covered nicely, shrimp and bn pleco love it!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the update!!!!!!!!!!!

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Random tank update to show groth over the last month or so, the Pennywort that I gave away in my last RAOK came from this tank and it was 4 or 5 good sized stems....hence why that doesn't look like it's grown too much, excuse the FAN in the reflection LOL

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