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Lets play name that shrimp

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Ok serious though. I got these in last Monday and they were suppose to be Blue Tiger Bee ( what ever that means ) I am almost to the point with my suppliers that they will need to provide a scientific name. Ok so anyone what do you think?

Sorry the pictures are not that great. I have a pretty good camera but it doesnt like to take Macro shots.

Think it might be these
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that or indian white band, which is also some form of babaulti
Very possible. They seem to be more light pink or even peach colored but a few are darker. They seem to be doing well for now...
Ninja shrimp, they are a lot smaller than babaulti
Yeah Ninja or Zebra, but definitely NOT a bee shrimp...I have blue bees, they are sometimes brown but don't look anything like that one. I do have one Zebra though that does, so Im thinking its a Zebra shrimp...brownish with white and brown/black bands like a tiger shrimp has.
Not a zebra, zebra has more and finer bands.
Looks like my ninja's to me. Any other pics to confirm?

Where did you get these as I have been looking for them if you don't mind me asking.
I can take a ton of pictures. They were imported...
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