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Come on you know you love planning a set up, designing it and adding fish.
Well Im open to comments and suggestions to my tank.
I do have some of the fish already in my 55g but they will be transfered to either the 55g or a 20g depending on how I decide to stock it.

tank:(120-125?) gallon [6' long]
subtrate: open to suggestions it will be a planted tank with loaches
equipment: Eheim 2026 and 2217, inline heater, CO2 [and all equipment]

*Im looking for a nice, cool looking stocked tank
*I want something eye catching
*I totaly want kuhlis and cory cats
*looking for a nice community tank

4 pearl gourami [1m,3f]
2 kribs [1m,1f]
2 BNs [1m,1f]
3 platys [thinking of removing]
24 rasbora espes [pork chops]
12 checkered barbs
10 kuhli loaches
black kuhli loaches
9 julli cory cats
Im looking to add more corys [maybe], if possible gouramis [different species, m&f], more/different loaches.
I also am thinking of something other then the kribs

what do you think?
Should I add anything?
what should I add?
Should I Change anything?
How would the stocking be?

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Looks good. you could even up the number of Pearl Gouramis to 6 or 8. Watch out if yor Kribs decide to pair up, you may have some aggression issues to deal with. Give them plenty hiding space and they'll be fine though.
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