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Leopard danio with lump.

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I got 3 leopard danio to add to my school and in qt one has developed a lump/white pimple on his lower lip. He acts fine and the other two fish are fine but his lip still has the bump, any idea what it is?

I treated with marycyn 2 but it did nothing.

Doing research has shown that it is not that uncommon, but I still don't know what it is :icon_cry:

Any help would be great.

Qt tank is 5 gallons, been set up over 6 months, just the 3 new fish in it for qt. Nitrates around 20ppm.
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It's probably fungus or a tumor.

Do you have a picture of your tank setup and fish?
I have cured that with Triple Sulfa, but I am not sure what it is. It shows up every few years among my tanks.
Thank you guys for the help, I will try the triple sulfa.
No one seems to know really what it is, and that's what scares me :(
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