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Leopard Ctenopoma

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I was wondering who else has experience with these guys. I have one in my tank, purchased at petsmart as an "african leaf fish". He is my favorite fish. He is shy around bright lights or fast movements, but has lots of personality and is just so cool looking.

Here is mine in my tank... boy is he hard to get a picture of! This was taken at night with flash with my sony cybershot DSC-W50.

And here is some good info I found on them.
Spotted Climbing Perch:thumbsup:
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depending on the size of the tank, I'd get some dither fish that won't get eaten (which wouldn't though?). Maybe set up a small 5.5 on the side with a trio of guppies and use the fry to provide live food and to help it's instincts and to watch it predate on the fry (I find it amusing to watch fish act natural and wild).
I agree. I give him the occasional ghost shimp treat and it is fun to watch him stalk his prey. He wll float vertically and try to mimic the movements of a floating leaf, until he comes within range of the food. He also does this if threatened by the other fish to confuse them. He is in with 1 pleco and a few african peacock cichlids and I have had no problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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