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Hi All,

Need your help on two of my 2020 projects, hoping you can assist.

1. Have a broken 130G glass aquarium. Back panel broke. I have the tank glass all apart and was wondering if I can remake the tank but with a back plywood pane with pond armor or waterproofing rubber paint. Could you please help me in telling me if that even possible and will it hold strong for years. Also can the plywood panel be bit bigger than the back panel. I think if a bit bigger, I can silicone on both sides.

2. DIY canister filter but with with input and output 4 manifolds. Would like to run 4 tanks from one DIY Canister filter. I know there is risk of having a setup like this. These are all guppy and mollies, and I have tonnes of fry, planning to separate the sexs. But I can't make them to work all together. Only one of the tank works at a time while other stops. Have a vivo sun 520gph pump with
With all 29g tanks kept side by side.

Looking forward to your responses and help.

Best Regards,
Shivam Dixit
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