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Led work light from lowes

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Has anyone every taken apart a work light like this

And used the components out of it to build a fixture. This light is bright as heck and it's says 4K temp but I think it's higher. Pretty good Spread on the beam too so you could mount it close and still get good coverage.
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I have not but there seems some merit to the idea. I think the reflector may be the main good point to consider when redoing it, though.
I don't think you need to take apart anything - These are 20 watt 6500K landscape lights from a place on E-bay -
Less than $30 ea , w. free shipping:
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thats awesome swamprat. My problem is the wife doesn't like stuff hanging like that. Thats why i'd want to take it apart to some degree. The stand obviously would be gone. make some legs to mount it a few inches up. I'm going to have to look into those lights more. Found them easily and two would be enough for me. How long have you had them and any troubles with them?
It's bulky there are PAR 38 leds lights, 10, 12, 14, 15W. I saw and interesting COB led light on eBay, 20W, 2000 lumens, 6000-6500K.

I'm a really big fan of these lights , and have variations of them on 3 tanks, so far .
They come in 10,20,30, and 50Watt flavors , and a couple different housing styles .

I've had the 20 watter's on this tank for over a year now .
They have a lot of "punch" and light the tank really well - A very pronounced shimmer effect with them also .

Here's a frontal photo of the tank - It's a 56 gallon "cube" , 25" deep :
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Wow thats awesome. [Ebay Link Removed]
I found these. Little more stream line. Hows your growth at the bottom of the tank. I have deep tank too and light down there is an issue and plants don't do good.

Take the space out
For a deep tank like this , you'd need 20 watt lights , min .
I don't have carpet type plants , so I don't know how they would do with the lights in a tank that deep ,
but in a shallower tank I think they'd probably work fine even for those plants.

In this tank , when the fish swim a couple inches from the bottom , you can definitely see their shadows - So that tells me it's pretty bright :biggrin:
The lights I have are "flood" lights with a 120º spread - You can also get them as spot lights , which will penetrate deeper , but if the water is even a little cloudy , you can really see "cones" of light with those .

If you buy them , make sure you get the "day-white" ones - those are about 6500K , and look pretty good - The "warm white" ones will look really yellow in an aquarium .
My tank is about 20" deep so little less. I think the angles were still 120 or so . which would be about perfect to just make some short legs and mount them. Two per side to add to my led fixture i have now would give me good coverage. 17$ shipped I'll probably just order one to try out.
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