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Led & T5?

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Hello all, I have just set up an 80g corner tank that came with a light hood housing 3 t8 bulbs. I want to set new lights in the but I know next to nothing about lighting. The tank will be heavily planted and stocked with community fish. I am hoping to get bright enough lights for a dwarf hair grass or baby tears carpet in front. I just set up the tank the night before last and have already put some lower light plants in because I didn't know when I could upgrade. The LFS I got the tank from has offered to gut my hood and install led or t5, or a combo of the two. What would you suggest? He sent me a picture of the gutted hood with one led strip inside and the lights look very blue. I would post the pictures but I'm not sure how? Are blue led ok or do I need all white? And would anyone suggest I put an led/t5 combo or just have 2 led bars installed?
Any input is appreciated!

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