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LED Strip Light Repair

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Hi! This thread is more of a technical topic rather than the usual lighting recommendation topics in this forum. I bought this cheap LED light for my 10G tank.
. For the past 9 months, I have seen good results with this light. My Rotala H'ra has a solid red and I was able to carpet a Monte Carlo. I noticed yesterday a strip of 6 LEDs (Green and white) starting to flicker. Today, that strip totally went out. The other strips are working fine but I'm starting to worry. What's a good fix I can do here? Not planning to return and deal with warranties.
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It looks like a simple enough design, low voltage in, LED's grouped in series so I would test each LED in the strip in turn. You need a meter to test each LED. A single failure will render the strip inoperable.
Desoldering the LED's and getting the correct replacements might be a problem if you have not got the experience or equipment though.
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