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LED spot light recommendations!

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hi all
i am currently running a spiral bulb on my modified biorb. i would like to invest in a led spot light mainly to keep the electricity bills down. i have seen a led bulb on the led pacific website which looks like it would suit my needs but has any body got one or use them in the past. i say this because the bulb is nearly 70 pounds very expensive for a bulb so before i buy i would like some feedback!

any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!
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I wouldn't try spotlight bulbs, because they will give you spotlighting effects - bright circles of light surrounded by dimmer areas. You can probably make floodlight bulbs work though. You have to do your own experimenting to figure out how to use them, unless you can find someone who has already done that and you can copy their configuration.
+1 to Hoppy's post.

I use PAR38LEDs (see link in my sig line)

60 degrees up to 120 degrees is were you want to be in angle wider the better. Look for Cree lights that are dimable and plan for a way to raise them as each tank has different intensity needs.
You are not going to save much going from a CFL spiral bulb to an LED bulb. You will probably be about neutral in costs after you account for the cost of the bulbs cfl $5 LED PAR38 $45-90.

However I will say that LED PAR38 lighting is amazing. And I would recommend 30 degree bulbs, at 1 bulb per foot of tank, and placed high above the tank. This way you get the awesome shimmer effect and you get an even light distribution. By placing them high you won't get the spot light effect that Hoppy mentioned. just experiment moving the bulb up and down until you get the right light distribution.

If your biOrb tank is a small cylinder type tank (16 gallons or so) I would go with a single par30 or par38 LED 30 degree bulb. Just make sure the bulb has cree LEDs in it and are in the 5000K-6700K range. I like bulbs with the dimmable feature so you can control the amount of light. I bought mine from an auction site, and have worked great. I would have no problem buying any of the bulbs being sold by the various online companies and the ones you mention look just fine however they seem to cost a bit more. take a look at ledliquidators or search "dimmable par30 LED"

See my sig for how I setup mine, my setup is about $5 a month in electricity. Your filter, pumps, and heater could actually be costing you more than your lighting if they are way oversized.

Good luck with your lights.
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try this one

i have one it works like a dream and runs off 12V (you may have the powersupply that runs the air pump that has two 12v outlets already if not it is not too expensive)
my 10gal,low tech-2pcs 4x1wGU10+1pcs 3x1w
just removed the optics

suficient light for eleocharis

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thanks everyone for the feedback. i am unable to hang my light over my tank as i don't have the means to do so. i have to have the light sitting on top of the tank. but im sure i can figure something out. anyway thanks again!!!
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