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LED Moonlights?

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Well, my aquarium is for the most part finally done with the setup. got the canopy up on it and everything =D. The light is off and its kinda boring at night, so i was thinking of throwing in a few LED Moonlights which are only a few bucks on ebay.. maybe 1 blue, 1 clear, 1 red, 1 green or something one in each corner or something lol. Anyhow, i have plants and fish in the tank. Would the light somehow disturb the fish or perhaps mess up the plants anaerobic method of making energy/food? i know that at night they use oxygen instead of co2 but dont want them thinking that its daylight because of the LED's and instead continuing with extremely slow photosynthesis overnight. Soo is it safe to use with plants?
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dont make it a christmas decoration lol.

i dont have any moonlights in my planted tanks, but i have blue moonlights in my reef setup. it looks good but idk if it would do the same for planted tanks
If you do it stick with the same color. changing colors would indeed make it look like a xmas tree. =)
haha its not gona be all at once lol. I want a few colors so i can change it up once in a while. so like 1 week it could be blue the next green or something :p. not gona do them all at once lol.. Besides im Jewish ;P lol.. Idunno.. Im not worried about how itll look as apposed to how it will affect the plants and fish- that colored light, even if its only a few watts, can seriously screw up some stuff if your not careful... thats why im asking. Hey, since this is already in the lighting section, does anyone know of a good, not too expensive timer? In the weekends i wake up late and during the week i wake up before its dark so my lighting cycle sucks for now.. havent had the chance to order a timer and i just thought about it lol. I need something with as many plugs as possible.. One for co2, one for my t5 lighting, one for my air pump (do i need one? was told to put one overnight instead of co2), and one or two for the moonlight/s assuming i get them... so like 4 or 5 plugs.. also ii dont know how they work but is it like one half works and the other doesnt and whenever its set to it alternates so that the first one is off and the other's off? or would i need two timers for that?
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