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LED lighting questions

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I've been reading up on LED lighting since I'll have to swap my bulbs pretty soon, but a lot of the info on how many to get is catered to reef tanks.

I'm looking to get a set up from, but like I said, the info is more for reef tanks.

I'm looking for something that'd replace a 2x39watt t5ho that's hung about 22-24 inches from the substrate.

The "pricing sample" states that 49 of their LEDs is comparable to a 400w metal halide so according to that I'd need about 10 LEDs to match a 78watt t5ho set up?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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watts does not translate from metal halide to t5HO. One of the harder parts you will have is getting coverage.

Hoppy or many others are more versed in LED than I, so I will not muddy the waters there.
Coverage is what I was worrying about as well. They have a calculator on their page but it uses lux instead of par so I don't know how that would translate.

Maybe I could get more LEDs, but just run then at a lower intensity...
Take this for what it's worth. On my reef tank, I replaced 2 X 39w VHOs actinics with 12 X 3w Cree Blue LEDS and they looked near equal in intensity. I wouldn't think 10 would be enough for intensity or coverage.

It isn't easy to figure out how many LEDs and how to space them for a given tank size and desired PAR. There is a graph on about page 22 of that thread that gives enough information to come close to a good amount and spacing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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