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Hey everyone,

I am looking to purchase some LED lights for my Fluval Roma 200, dimensions 100 x 40 x 55 cm.

The tank is running pressurized Co2 and I am dosing ferts daily, I have been looking at the TMC LED's but would like to know if I would be better off with 4 GrowBeam 500 strips, or 2 GrowBeam 1000 Tiles?

I am thinking that the tiles will not cover the whole tank as the lighting will be mounted quite close to the water surface because I want to keep the lighting in the hood, I am willing to raise the hood slightly if the need be. The stock T8 tubes wont grow any carpeting plants and I would like to scape the tank and grow HC.

Here is a picture of the tank as it is now (have a black background now), Jungle Scape but I would like to create something more tidy looking once I get the lighting sorted.

Any advice would be great, also open to suggestions to other lighting options.
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