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Led light for 70l

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Hello ,
I am a newbie in the forum and and would like to set up a fishless planted tank.Before I had tanks with few easy plants inside, i will be grateful if you can guide me a little about a led light fixture i found locally.

Tank size: L=50 H=35 W=40cm
Substrate: jbl aquabasis+flourite black sand
Co2 :diy
Plants :glosso+pogostemon helferi

The led fixture has 6x3w power with
2x6500K - 1x22000K - 2xRoyal Blue(445nm) - 1xBlue(475nm) night mode day mode

Should i modify the led color configuration? I will never use the night mode.With diy co2 18 watt may be overkill? Should red leds be replaced with some of these?

Thank you

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