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LED for high light nano

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Hello everybody,

I've got great news. After a too long absence from the hobby I am starting again. :bounce: I grew some medium and easy plants in the past, but under T8 back then. I am familiar with ways of measuring light output, therefore I will try to include as much information as possible. I find this forum very informative, however since I live in Germany now I cannot just buy the same brands as you ( no finnex :( )

To get to the root of it. The aquarium I want to light is a nano 7.5g (30L).Size 30*30*35cm (L*l*h) or 12*12*14 inches. It will be a high light, CO2 and EI. By high light I mean I want my Myriophyllum tuberculatum or Rotala wallichii to be as red possible :angryfire (given proper ferts).

The options here in Germany for a high light 30L aquarium come down to :

ADA Aquasky 301: 1500 lumen with 17W - spectrum unknown ( who needs science )

Daytime -
Daytime cluster 30.2 2000 Lumen with 20W (maybe right on top of the aquarium)(LEDs are clustered in 2 plates)
Daytime cluster 30.1 1000 lumen with 10W
Daytime eco 30.3 1620 lumen with 13.5W (LEDS are in 3 parallel strips)

Now for the daytime you can customize the type of leds per cluster/strip. I think good options will be:
Ultra Blue Red White (10000K) - peak at 465nm and 645nm

Ultra White 7000K (120lumen/watt) -peak at 465nm

All the lights here are about the same price and have pretty much the same dimensions. I like daytime because I can choose the spectrum. Also, I would like to see the LED shimmer effect from the daytime cluster.

Is the Daytime cluster 30.2 overkill? :biggrin: Ignoring PAR measurements which cannot be obtained for Daytime. What would be a good value for lumen in my aquarium (spectrum at least as 7000K) ? Which light / power/ spectrum would you recommend?