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LED for 92G corner tank?

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Hello all, I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations for lighting a 92G corner tank with LEDs. Budget is around $300ish, more if needed.

We bought this tank which was previously used for reefkeeping and it came with a 36" Coralife equipped with fluorescents w/actinics and a metal halide. I think I'd be okay with using these lights but it takes up a lot of room on top of the tank. The fixture is so wide that I can't place it as far back as I'd like (with the tank being in, wait for it... a corner!), so the legs have to sit very close to the front edge of the tank. I think I'd be happier with something with a lower-profile design. And LED fixtures weigh so much less.

I searched the forums for similar threads but reallly didn't find anything that answered my question, so if anyone has any recs I'd appreciate it!

Should I stick to the Coralife or pull the trigger on some LEDs?

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