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LED for 20g long Riparium

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Hey all,

In the processes of creating my build for a 20g long riparium setup, I'm thinking about switching to LEDs, in order to save electricity, and just try something new. Currently I use 6500K CFL bulbs with quite a bit of success (plant growth, but nothing crazy) on my 20g high and my soon to be retired 10g.

So I need a 30" light that grows plants, both emersed and submerged. I'm also not rolling in dough, so I'm looking to spend less than $50 if possible. Does anyone have a light that they really like?

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I am not sure if you are still looking for a suggestion.

I will be setting up a 20G long in a few days and was searching for a LED that will fit my low tech need (no CO2, inert substrate, minimal water column fertilization and no algae :)). Below are the lights that were suggested or I shortlisted.

Beamswork EA 6500K - Seems to put out very low PAR at around 12 inches
Beamswork EA FSPEC - Seems to put out slightly better PAR but is not available in 30 inch size at its normal price currently
Beamswork DA FSPEC - Puts out medium to high PAR, but I did not want to buy a separate controller to adjust the intensity
Current USA Satellite LED Plus - Seems to be a good fit for my need but does not come in 30 inch size
LuminiGrow Asta 20 COB LED (planted version) - This does not seem to have any review outside of Amazon. It does seem to be a high intensity light, but the output can be adjusted. I felt like trying something new and ended up buying this. I am planning to post my thoughts about this light after a couple of months.
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