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LED Driver Causing LED to flash continously

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After 3 weeks of normal use my led driver has started to caused my LEDs (linked in series) to flash on and off continously so no apparent reason. Not sure what's the issue but im assuming it's the driver that has failed.

Potentially useful info
700ma driver min forward voltage 30v-54v

Any ideas

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What driver is it? I've had exact same problem with one of my Meanwell 48-60D and I ended up replacing it. The blinking was due to the driver was unable to keep constant voltage to the LED string. It happens, but I have to say for all the Meanwell drivers I've had over the years it happened to me only once.
It's a non branded flea bay one so not sure. Oh well back to flea bay I go (this time will order a mean well one at 750 ma as I have 350 ma powering the string at the moment but the output is less

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