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LED bulbs as an alternative to CFL?

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I have come across some attractively priced LED bulbs on Ebay that look like they could be an option and might work. I'm just not sure what to choose. I'm interested in LED because I would like to try something new and also have the cool shimmering effect- however I am on a budget.

Here is some info about my setup: the tank is 24 inches wide, 24 inches tall, and about 18inches deep- It's a riparium so its only filled about half way. So far it is lit by a single 15w CFL mounted vertically on a clip-on lamp. It has done alright these past few years, only plants in the aquatic portion of the tank are anubias and a couple of small crypts that never really took off. Im guessing they don't get enough light- but when I put in a stronger CFL bulb in the lamp the anubias directly below it start getting algae.

Tank Picture

Of the bulbs I found here are some options pictured below. I'm wondering if they are a viable option and if so, what would be best for my setup. Can I get away with using one bulb as I am currently? or would using 2 weaker bulbs be better with LEDs? I was thinking maybe using 1 of the par30 7x2w bulb OR 2 of the par20 3x3w bulbs side by side. I want to stay in the low-mid light range. I am taking into consideration that some of the plants growing above the waterline will be blocking some of the light though I usually keep them well trimmed.

Any help would be appreciated! I have tried doing research on this but most I come up with is info regarding reef tanks which is a whole different thing.

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Check out my thread. Using par38 leds over my 60p.
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