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Hey guys, I'm working on upgrading my light fixture (its the Edge w/stock lighting). I've come across some options but since I'm new at this I would love to get some opinions. I'm on a bit of a budget here, so I'm sure I won't be able to get the best, but I'd at least like something decent. Anyways here's a few options that look promising, let me know what you think!

1)The walmart light zip-tie add on It looks pretty simple and I got it off this forum. Essentially its the little incandescent bulb from walmart hooked on the outside of the fixture. I'll probably do this and something else...

2) LED's Here's where I'm really looking for people with experience since I'm hoping not to waste my money too much :)

This is a sample kit from this company, but it's 12" long which is I think all i would need to wind it around up by the light fixture or something.

and these last two are the cheaper options.

With the led strips what kind of installation am I looking at here??

I saw on here that somebody rigged up a desk lamp to fit his Edge, but it sounded like algae exploded pretty soon after. Anybody tried anything like that? Oh, one detail that I omitted, I'm adding plants to this tank thats why I'm upgrading. Plants will be determined by how much light I can get.
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