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updated: everything is gone. Thanks for everybody.

someone pm me already, if anything change, i will contact the next person who pm me. Thanks.

fluvial edge 6g(back glass been changed, tank working), kits
finnex 12 planted led
15w heater
few stones
250g fluval biomax
200g fluval carbon
half seachem n,p,k, iron, carbon,, flourish
7 seachem root tag
aquarium salt, crash coral
master test kit, gh, kh test kit
edge gravel vacuum
diy co2 bottles
some flake, frozen fish food
two small air pump

6 neon tetra
3 cherry sh
1 amano sh
1 chochalate gouramit

all you need for a nano planted aquarium

all for $50

Call 347 506 5912 John, if you are interested

pick up only at 34ave 147st , flushing, queens.

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Web: everytime i come on here I get an I try not come on here much...:D I'm fighting it

Al: I think I'm in that FB group already. I think Derek or someone invited me a while back. Your pretty tank pix from all over the world are annoyingly frequent :p
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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