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Leaving on vacation, tank at home

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Hello everybody, I more or less have a plan on what I'm going to do with my tank but I wanted to see if anyone could point anything out to me or give me suggestions.

The tank is 10g, 3 otos and 4 betas with live plants and I am running an aquaclear 20 and the terrible aqueon filter that came with it simultaneously while I build bacteria in the aquaclear.

I am leaving for 9 days and will be having my girlfriend look after it for me by only pulling in 1 slice of cucumber about every other day and taking out the old slice then going home. This is because I have an automatic timer and plan on leaving these for my bettas blcoks&OneResultRedirect=1 , i have used these to great avail with my last betta buddy and mainly wanted to ask if I should put only 1 block (package says good for 1-3 fish for about 7 days) or 2 blocks since I have 4 bettas for 9 days.

P.S. I will be doing almost a 30% water change the day before I leave and I will change about a third of the water when I return.
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Dont over think it... bettas can go days witout eating no problem
Sounds good except I recommend just getting those weekly pill containers with days marked and putting your regular daily amounts per slot and have ur girl do it day by day. When I went went away for a week I just had automatic food dispensers on the tanks except I left the one with the Betts up to my cousin to feed.. all the fish in automatic feeders were still good but betta had just a small grasp on life when I got home and the water was terrible even in a 5.5gal so I can only imagine how much she over fed.. good luck
Why don't you just divide out portions for your girlfriend to feed the bettas? You can put each day's food in one of those daily pill containers for her to just dump into the tank. I'd recommend feeding them less than normal, to minimize the risk of water quality issues, but you'd be fine not feeding the bettas either.

Personally, I've heard nothing but bad things about vacation feeders (and I'm not too sure if they would work well in a sorority setting), but if you want to use them, go for it. I would also do a bigger water change before you leave. Otherwise, looks good!

Edit: ^ beat me to it about the pill containers
I thought about letting her feed them their actual food but since they do get pushy come feeding time it takes my patience to give them each their fill so I figure the betta blocks would passively take care of them for us. Also I was a bit concerned about their food (pellets) going uneaten as the filter current carries them. Betta blocks have always been easy for me to spot their mess.

I also assume these betta blocks would be safe for the otos? Mine do not even eat their algae tablets because of the fish meal ingredient but if the blocks release the food into the water I would think they would be unaffected.
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