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200$-55 Gallon Tank Complete Setup For Sale-200$

I am currently selling my whole 55 gallon setup, that I've had for almost two years.
Here what's included in this setup:


55 Gallon Tank With Stand [L:48"xW:12.5xH:22]
Odyssea T8 48W 24" Light Fixture [With Daylight Bulbs]
48" 32W T12 Light Fixture [With Daylight Bulbs]
Two Aquarium Heaters
Electric Strip and Electrical Timer
Co2 Glass Diffuser with Co2 Tubing and Bubble Counter
Glass Co2 Drop Checker with Solution
CFS 500 Canister Filter With Orginal Tubing [Still works great, and quiet!]
300 GPH Flow Pump


Abundance of Fish Food [Alage Discs, Dry Blood Worms, Flakes]
Plant Scissors
Aquarium Complete Fertilizer Mixture
Omoscote Plus Plant Food [Bottle is 3/4 Full]
Fish Net, Algae Scraper, Bio Balls, Suction Cups
Complete Water Quality Tester
And many more!

I am located in NEW JERSEY Zip Code: 07205
Pick Up Only, Sorry :(

I am looking for around 200$ for this complete setup, plants included.
Offers are WELCOME and encouraged!
Sorry, this has to be sold as a whole package.

I can no longer maintain this aquarium, I have enlisted in the U.S. Navy and
my family isn't capable of maintaining it alone.
This is a great opportunity for someone to get a great deal on a complete tank setup!

Please PM me for any details and offers!

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