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I have decided to leave the hobby and unload most of my equipment and remaining plants. During my time in the hobby, I always bought quality equipment, so everything should be in great working and cosmetic order except for the issues noted. If you want to pickup locally, I am from Seattle, WA.

1) Eheim 2217 Canister filter. Filter works perfectly. All original ceramic, bead media, and blue filter pad included. The hoses are cut based on my previous setup, but will be included. Issues: The smaller double tap (control valve) connection was cracked so I sealed it. The solution works perfectly, but the doubletap can be easily replaced if you choose. Also, one of the steel motor clamps is missing. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect the operation of the unit.

--> $80 buyer pays for shipping or local pickup

2) ADA 60p Tank. Genuine ADA 60p tank in excellent condition. I only used the tank for a few months, and I do not believe there are any scratches or other damage. I will throw in a genuine ADA 60p garden mat that has been cut to size also.

---> $110 local pickup only.

3) Tek 24in T5HO 4 bulb lighting system. Great T5 HO system in perfect working order. Comes with two older plant bulbs and two newer GE Starcoat 6500 bulbs, which can pretty much grow anything your heart desires. Comes with acrylic bulb shield and modified hanging kit.

--> $130 plus shipping to your location or local pickup.

4) 5lb Stainless steel CO2 tank with CGA 320 valve. The tank is empty, but I usually have it swapped or refilled at central welding supply for 10 bucks.

-->$60 pickup only.

5) Sold UP inline atomizer. Great inline atomizer in awesome condition. Works with tubing size on Eheim 2217.

--> $12 buyer pays for shipping or local pickup

6) Sold Green Leaf Aquarium 45 mm Atomic CO2 diffuser.

--> $10 buyer pays for shipping or local pickup


1) Softball size portion of xmas moss
-- Sold> $30 free shipping in continental U.S

2) Baseball size portion of fissidens fontanus.
--> Sold $40 free shipping in continental U.S

3) Large Bunch of anubias nana petite. 25+ leaves
--> Sold $25 free shipping
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