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Hello all,

I'm very new to this forum, I hope this is the right place to post my question... :grin2:

I have an 54L (14 Gallons) 60x30x30cm aquarium, I have just started it 2 weeks ago, so far so good.
I have a 100L/hour internal filter, an 50W 26C fixed heater and 15W LED lighting.
Some of the plants seem to be doing really well, but some of them start to get a brownish/dry like look on the leaves, still in the mean time they also seem to grow new leaves...
I'm running Tetra Plant CO2-Depot in the water since start, the substrate is organic potted plant soil mixed with sand (1 inch thick in the front of the tank 2 inch thick in the back) covered by 0.5-1 inch decorative blue/green small gravel. However I didn't add any fertilizers, since I was dealing with an ick infection because of the new tank syndrome I added Tetra Medica ContraIck and Tetra Medica FungiStop, and from the very beginning I added Tetra EasyBalance (the weird brownish water color is from the FungiStop).
I also attached 2 photos with my water test, pH seems to be between 7-7.5; KH 80 parts per million; GH around 75 parts per million; Nitrite around 4-5 parts per million (according to my test kit this is stressfull/dangerous for the fish, but I don't know what to do about it) and nitrate level seems to be bellow 20 parts per million.
I have red tiger shrimps and red cherry shrimps too in the water but they don't seem to interact with this plants, mostly they stay in the java moss, however I do have substrate snails which dig around in the substrate, I added them to aerate the substrate and to slowly release the build up sulfuric gasses from the anaerobic bacteria but I'm not sure if they also mess with the plants roots or not...

What can/could cause the "death"of this leaves? do I have a plant infection/fungi/parasite? is it the snails? is it my water quality? the lack of fertilizers? was the substrate a poor choice?

Your help would be greatly appreciated :grin2:

PS.: Sorry for my english, its not my maiden language. I added the photos with the idea that it might help if you guys can actually see the things that I described...


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