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I am a long time aquarist who is experiencing an unseen plant reaction... the leaves of my Anubis are turning white and then turning fibrous and leaf becomes shredded. (See pics)

I thought my albino pleco was eating, but have had him in another tank for over a month and the leaves are still deteriorating. Only other eating species are four Nerite snails.

75 gallon
Re-Established late Spring 2020 (I moved)
Heavily planted
CO2 (new for five months)
FErts - Macro 2x week
Micro - 2x week
Iron - once a week
Potassium - once a week
Recently added Phosguard

Plants: (sorry, don't know real names)
Jungle val - spiral & flat
Various Anubis

Note: I am new to CO2 and it created more algae than I have ever had before, but did make all my plants bigger!

Within the last month, I did a two day blackout in effort to control BBA and Brown algae. Result - killed most BBA.... and did a great job on the Brown algae (although it seems to be coming back).

I have tried several different photo periods. My lighting is adjustable. I have changed the length as well as the intensity, but I can't say I have come away with a conclusion other than intense light has made the algae worse.

Any thoughts to why my plants are shredding and/or comments on my approach to algae and BBA?

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Yes, I HAVE been "cleaning" the leaves of algae! Thank you! I hope that is all it is and it's all my fault, not my albino pleco's. Poor fellow, he's been in a tank all by himself!
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