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Learn from my many lessons, as I have to remind my self to slow down

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So one of my ac40 started leaking last night lost 3-4 gallons of water out of my 20l black tiger tank. So I decides to hook up a 2217 I just got last week in trade. As the 2213 I had on it died 2 weeks ago that is why I made the trade for neo yellows for the 2217. I also took a ac40 I had running on my red tiger tank as a extra and put it on the black tiger tank too. So I was good as they have been running on a ac30 and sponge filter for 2 weeks doing fine.

The guy swore up and down he cleaned the 2217 was cleaned and said he had it on his freshwater tank. Well hooked it up and boom no more than 30 seconds in after the water change they were all clinging to the top. Hundreds of btoe, so I shut it off and did a 30 % water changed dosed some extra prime and added some quick start I had also added some calcium montromilite as that will bond the ammonia and other such.

I suspect he was running it on a salt water tank and some dried salt water was in the hoses and gushed into the tank. I came back tasted the water after 15 min, tasted a little salty. So I did another 35% water change. So at this point I did the general 20 % I do every week! after issue did the 30% them the 35% dosed some shield some more prime and some start. As some were clinging onto the top the sides and some were on their sides and backs twitching.

So did another 20% dosed some more start and prime! some more calcium montromilite! and left as we had my wives mothers birthday.

Came home and only 4 had passed, and the rest were doing fine. Still some sluggish ones but most were running around like normal
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Could have been worse but none of us like this. Hope 4 is all that will be affected.

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Could have been about 500-600 dead shrimps. Not only would that have hurt in kill tons of such beautiful animals but a huge finically loss of many thousands.

I hope all is ok and they all do fine. Will scour the tank tomorrow to look for more none survivors

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Sorry to hear about this. Hope things turn out for the better.
Sorry my friend. Disasters like this are all too common in our hobby. Excellent job with your "action plan". Good luck!
Yeah, all look great this morning and they are running around and foraging like normal. So disaster avoided I hope. Will keep watching to see if the stress gets to any in the next week. The 20 or so females i saw in the front were still fully berried.
Wow, glad to hear they are starting to act normal again. Awesome job on the quick response like that, sounds like you undoubtedly saved your colony! :D
man, glad you only lost a few shrimp, also read "mothers birthday" wrong and thought it said mothers day for a sec and was like oh **** I forgot lmao....then I realized its march.
Wow, glad to hear they are starting to act normal again. Awesome job on the quick response like that, sounds like you undoubtedly saved your colony! :D
+1 this!
Yeah, seeing that they were my truely first colony of shrimp out side neos that exploded and did great for me they have a special spot with me.

They were my favorite shrimp until I got red tigers.
Yeah. I had a tragedy earlier this year with my Nessies. It sucks! Saved only about 50 or so. I'm glad you avoided yours!
It's good that you can save the colony. I don't trust any used equipment, it's not the equipment itself but how the previous owner handle things.

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Yeah it about gave me a heart attack seeing them like that

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You don't seem to catch a break. You poor guy. I'm glad everything turned out alright.
You live and learn. If people were more honest about their products I would have no issues. I get fresh water leeches Dragonfly nymphs and pest all the time from people. I should know buy now buy new and stick with your trusted sources!
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