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Leaf's Grassy Garden - 40B

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Last time I had an aquarium was around 2017. Finding it crazy how much the hobby has grown since then! Even Petsmart carries rimless tanks and co2 setups 馃え I had just bought this 40b and stand before I left the hobby, and luckily kept it in storage until now.

I could upgrade to a nice rimless setup but instead of debating myself for hours and maybe days on the right one, I just went ahead and dry started this tank and started the process. I figure I'm kinda rusty anyway, and if in the future I wanted to upgrade that would be just fine. I spent quite a few hours cleaning old filters from storage, cycling them over a month in advance, and just organizing while making sure I had everything in order before I filled the tank up.

I don't plan things well in advance, tanks are usually a process for me with the first month or two slowly adding and subtracting while shifting things around.

Inspiration: Mostly a lush dutch style garden with intermingling species surrounded with grass and a log to anchor epiphytes

  • Very Old T5 39w Ballast + Nicrew LED
  • Fluval 405 + Small Powerhead
  • 20# co2 + co2art Pro Reg (4-5 bps)

  • thin layer of Stratum, 1- 5 inches of sand/fine gravel/akadama
  • a thick branch of Manzanita

  • eleocharis acicularis
  • eleocharius montevidensis
  • echinodorus tenellus
  • rotala rotundifolia
  • rotala manipurensis
  • alternanthera reineckii
  • limnophila aromatica
  • ludwigia mini super red
  • hygrophila pinnatifida
  • hygrophila corymbosa
  • hydrocotyle japan
  • hemianthus micranthemoides
  • juncus repens

  • 6 Salt and Pepper Cories
  • 10 Horned Nerites
  • 4 Zebra Nerites

40 Breeder - "Grassy Garden"
Birthday (Filled): 1/1/2023

Tank Dry Started with alot of hairgrass and some pearlweed. Don't mind the java its just in there to grow a bit with help from the ultrasonic humidifier.

Tank Filled night of 1/1, Co2 active. Majority of stems I had went in and for the next week the tank suffered some blue/green algae, diatoms and staghorn. Plants were clearly transitioning however. With several water changes, vacuuming, and some peroxide the algae seemed to subside.

the buce rock is just an experiment and not intented for the tank long term

Cycle seems to be going along well. Ammonia testing zero and algae is not appearing on new growth. Moved the juncus to the back left, replaced it with l. aromatica. Took the pinnatifida that I had in the substrate as a background plant and attached it to driftwood with rubber bands. Replaced it with ludwigia mini super red. Topped and replanted A.R. and rotala. Most plants that I started with have completed transitioning and are showing algae free growth. Things are starting to look lush with the rotala, A.R., juncus and corymbosa taking off. Added 6 cories and 4 zebra nerites.

Nerites are enjoying the wood fungus
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Thanks guys! It feels good to be back. Been trying to read up and catch up on the hobby as much as I can... it really is amazing the resources that exist nowadays compared to just 6-10 years ago.

Just a little update since I had some issues pop up with the tank the past couple days. I got a little ambitious and added another 39w lamp to the flouro ballast since it was only running one this whole time and had a hair algae bloom come out of nowhere. I'm still tweaking the co2 on/off cycles and I also have a feeling improper phosphates are compounding this but I don't have a test for this yet. The algae was mostly localized on the wood so I siphoned it off the wood and some plants and it looked tidy again. Just gonna stay on top of it every couple days and pick up a phosphate test kit. Cories and nerites are doing well I think I might need some otos next. Wish I could put a molly in there to pick at the algae but I keep the kh too low. I'll probably look for some amanos or throw some of my wild form neos in there, but I think its still too early for shrimp. I don't intend to do frequent updates to this journal but I do want to record the major ups and downs.

Next time I'll take a before pic. Anyway... after a quick clean it didn't look too shabby.
1/21/2023 PM
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