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Last week picked up a Zebra Nerite snail. He doesn't move around at all during the day except if I do a water change and he's up near the surface. That being said he is in a different spot each morning when I come into work.

My problem is that I still have diatoms in my tank one week later. With one exception of him cleaning a 3" long section of driftwood I can't see any effort by him.

To read descriptions of these guys it sounds like they are miracle workers yet I don't see it. Now perhaps my black substrate is covered in diatoms and he's eating those and avoiding the plants and glass. My hope is for him to hit the few plants in my tank that have diatom issues that I can't reach to clean.

It's a 3 gallon tank and one snail. Do I need more or do I just need to wait?

Bonus question. I have a mystery snail that I've had for months that is always on his back. I did the smell test and he isn't dead and he retracts if I touch him. Is the back thing a property of my Betta be a b!tch and knocking him around or is he just on siesta? He doesn't move around all that much anymore.

Olive Nerites are arguably better and the recommended concentration is 2/gal..

Maybe you need 2 to chase each otehr around... ;)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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