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Ph is 7.5 and steady. No CO2

Thinking lack of calcium as the source of my issue I picked up some fish feeding blocks last week and broke off a chunk. The first ingredient was Calcium Sulfate. the block is now gone but I'm not sure if it is from dissolving or consumption. I have yet to try cuttlebone, egg shells, or TUMs.

Unknown about the copper. From a municipal source that pulls and cleans river water (St. Louis). I guess I can purchase a copper test just to know. Note, I'm on the same water supply as the fish store and they don't use RO water. That's not to say that their snails aren't in distress at the store either...

Yes the Betta can annoy them on occasion. If they stick to glass he doesn't bother them. If they roll over on their back he'll mess with them a bit.

Push comes to shove I could go the R/O route but I'd only be mixing up 1 - 3 gallons at a time (painfully small amounts). I wish fish stores would have reconstituted R/O water for sale.
If it's a larger snail, they actually consume less than their younger counterparts. Could also be that it just doesn't have a taste for diatoms, it happens, all creatures are different, just like some people like spaghetti and some don't. They aren't super active most of the time and do the majority of moving at night. Try a small Blanched zucchini slice over night and see if the snail eats that. If so, then you know it's fine and just doesn't like diatoms.

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