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Lava rocks preventing PH drop?

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Will regular lava rocks hinder me from lowering my PH? Could the
rocks be buffering my water. I have done 1 water change since first setup and will be doing 30% weekly with regular tap and conditioner.

I have a 240 Gallon with a 40G sump. I have a spraybar return with CO2 injected. Reactor is plummped through the return. I have no idea what my params yet since im waiting for my kit. Co2 is running. PH is constant at 7.8-8.0
I will be putting Peat Granules when i get it from Dr Forsters and Smith. Putting it in my sump. I have Eco Complete for substrate.
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They should not. But you can test them like any other rock.
ill test it today. Drop some vinegar on it...
ill test it today. Drop some vinegar on it...
Vinegar only works on the softest of rocks. Try muriatic acid. You can usually get it at hardware stores.
Put some of the rock in a bucket with distilled water overnight and then test the water for KH and GH. If any shows up, it's leaching.
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