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Lava Rock

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I'm thinking of starting a new shrimp tank for the shrimp that I want to selectively breed. I have a 50 gallon tank that has blue velvet shrimp, and I want to separate the non-culls so that I can reinforce the traits I want (blueness).

My question is- has anyone tried using volcanic rocks as a substrate? It seems like eco-complete soil is basically the same thing.

Would straight-up volcanic rocks affect the pH? Or other water parameters? THANKS!


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Lava rock is bigger....I guess you could crush your own. CaribSea Eco-Complete Planted has tighter quality control on the color and size by being crushed and treated with "beneficial bacteria spores" which is why you don't wash it. You can get CaribSea Flora-max which is Eco-Complete that didn't make the quality control cut and doesn't get seeded with "floraspores" before they send it out.

You'll notice on the product information that you don't wash Eco-Complete, but are encouraged to wash FloraMax. Floramax contains more fine grains and has more variability in color. (I've gotten some red in my midnight bag) the washing and bacteria worth the extra $10/bag? You decide based on how you value your time. Both products grow plants well.
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