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Latest progress on 20g, and another question

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There she is after 3.5 months.

I had to trim back the Cabomba as it was taking over the tank, and then it has mostly fallen apart since then. All the other plants have done better with more light, and I've been slowly removing the Cabomba. I read on the Tropica site they sell it mostly for establishing a tank, and then you throw it away. It just wasn't getting enough light, and I haven't added any fertilizers.

The Cryptocoryne spiralis is going nuts on the other hand, as is the wendtii green(2) and red(1). The Melon Sword has taken up a quarter of the tank, though growing very slowly.

The Stargrass, Crypt. balansae, and Lace Java Ferns have had their ups and downs, but overall have been doing ok.

Which brings me to my question. My Crypt. pontederifolia had a baby, but it is very shaded.
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I'd like to put it in the former place where some Cabomba were, right behind the mama. Do you just pull it up and cut any attachments to the mama and re-plant, wait for a while for it to establish more and then do it, or what? I know Crypts don't like to be moved so I want to do the right thing. Thanks for any help folks.
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As long as the "baby" plant has roots you should be able to cut the runner leading to it, then carefully pull it out and replant it where you want it. This shouldn't cause any melting. Most crypt melting when you transplant is from changing the water conditions by transplanting into a different aquarium. It will take a few weeks to begin growing at the current rate, but shouldn't melt.
Your tank looks great! I think you have the same size as mine. Are you using two lights or one?

I love your gourami, too. I really want one, but I've read the dwarfs are not always healthy.
Thank you very much.

I'm using one bulb at a time, but I have a T5 HO dual, one 5k and one 6.5k. There is a double layer of fiberglass window screen inside the splash guard to get me down to low light. I use the 5k when I'm working, and switch to the 6.5k when viewing.

I love the Gourami too, he's a very active fish, but he has a problem. I've had him four months.

It's been two weeks since it appeared now, he's still kicking and seems fine. The wound is ugly and I'm not sure what it should look like when healed. I've never had a Dwarf Gourami before, but several Blue, Opaline, and Pearls. I've never seen anything like this.
I saw your post about your gourami. Poor little dude! I hope he gets better soon. I really wanted a dwarf gourami, but then I read about dwarf gourami disease and just thought I'd find something else. There's some honey gouramis at the LFS and I'll very likely add a few of those to complete my tank.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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