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Latest on my tank.

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I cleaned the tank very well today. It had been a while since I did a water change or rinse filters. Just timed light and co2 everyday. My plants grew out of control. I have a wisteria with a stem the size of a BIC pen. Trimmed everything down, rebunched some with lead wraps, scrubbed the glass, vacuum, replant/refill. The hair grass is new to the tank but it's been under my light for days now.

I put the betta in there today because I had every intention of cleaning the 1 gallon. That was 8 hours ago and so far no drama. Angelfish were interested for 10 seconds and don't seem to have bothered it yet.
I haven't cleaned the 1 gal yet.

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Sounds nice yo' your videio is set to private i cant see it :(
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