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Hello everyone, I am having a huge algae bloom right now and it seems like its not going away no matter how many water changes I do in a week. I scoop out all of the algae, I change the water, I've tested pH, ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, all are in the green. But this algae keeps coming back, no matter how many times I try to get rid of it.

Just to give you some specs, its a 45 gallon tank, with LED lights, a 130 gallon rena canister filter with Carbon, biostars, and a micro filter.

the algae is mostly contained to the bottom of the tank and I think I know my problem, but I wanted to confirm that, and think of a possible solution. I moved my tank a number of months ago and that kicked up all of the bad stuff in my sediment. Also I have laterite which USED to be on the bottom, under the sand, and now it is above the sand because it all got mixed up. that is why I think the algae is contained to the bottom, it is feeding on the stuff coming out of the sand.

Could I just put more sand in the tank, covering up that algae?


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