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I am taking orders to be shipped the week of December 2nd. All orders placed and paid for by Wednesday, November 28th will receive the discounts outlined below! Reduced discounts will be applied after Wednesday.

My stock list will continue to expand over the next week, so check back for updated availability. I will also be doing a drawing for winners of two prizes. Details following the discount information.

I will not be shipping after December 17, until after the Christmas holiday- shipping becomes too unpredictable. This will be my last sale of the year.

The discounts are as following:

Spend up to $50 on livestock purchases and receive 5% off and $5 off shipping as well as an entry into the drawing.

Spend $50 or more on livestock purchases and receive 10% off and $5 off shipping as well as an entry into the drawing.

Orders over $150 will receive $10 off their livestock purchase and free 2nd day shipping, and get two entries into the drawing.

Any orders of only Repashy Superfoods will receive free shipping, but will not be entered in the drawing.

Everyone who makes a purchase from now until December 15th will be entered into a drawing for a giveaway. I will be giving away two prizes. The first winner chosen will win a gift certificate for $50 to be announced on Christmas Eve. The second winner chosen will win their choice of t-shirts- either "I got crabs from msjinkzd" or "Invertebrates by msjinkzd" t-shirts, available in the color of their choice and a tank badge/bumper sticker.

Neocaridina “Yellow”$3
Red rili $3.50
Atyoida pilipes “Green lace” (fan filter shrimp) $6.50
Caridian serratirostris “Ninja bee” $6
CRS a/s grade- $5
Yellow Sakura $4
Green shrimp (cf. babaulti) $3
Red Cherry $1.50

Pomacea diffusa “Mystery snails”- Ivory, purple (dark foot), magenta (light foot) $2
Zebra nerite $2
Clithon without horns (mini nerite) $2
Yellow antenna tylomelania $6
Tri-colored horned snails $2.50

Hymenochirus boetteri- “African Dwarf Frogs”- $2

Cambarellus patzcuarensis sp. Orange- adults- $11

Danio choprae (glowlight danio) $3.50; 10/30
Garra flavatra (panda garra) $10, very few left
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi “Black neon” $2
Ameca splendens (butterfly goodeid) $5
Trichopsis pumila “Sparkling gourami” $2.50
Oericthys crenuchoides “Drapefin barb” $3.50,
Oryzias woworae $4.50
Otocinclus cf. cocama (Zebra oto) $11
Nannostomus mortenthaleri (Coral red pencil)- $10
Danio erythromicron $3.50
Danio margaritatus $3.50
Boraras brigittae $2.50
Cardinal tetras, tank raised- 10 available $25
Pelviachromis taeniatus "Moliwe", home bred- unsexed, 1"- $5
6 Corydoras weitzmani- $80- 1 group only, breeding adults

Additional livestock received this week (the oil/honeycomb catfish, marbled hatchets, and Parotocinclus) will be added as I get them.

PLEASE NOTE THE ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED THE WEEK OF DECEMBER 2ND. This is because I am picking freight up all over the place this week, and have personal responsibilities that will make me unable to process large volumes of orders this week. Please email me thorugh my website, or private message through the site, with any additional questions
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