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"Larger" fish for community tank - suggestions?

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Hi all,

I've had my new 65 gallon aquarium going for over a month now, and everything is going along smoothly so far. I'm thinking down the road a bit here, but I want a "larger" fish for my community tank. Here's what my set-up is/will be:

- Already heavily planted;
- Water is pH around 7 to 7.4, GH at around 6 degrees;
- Moderate water movement;
- I currently have 6 Red Eye Tetras and 1 Oto, and will be adding 8 to 14 Corys, a few more Otos, and perhaps another 6 tetras of some variety (Serpae?).

Now, when I say larger, I'm thinking 3" to 6" in total length. Only looking to get a single fish of this size. I was thinking of some kind of dwarf cichlid, but I have never had one so I don't know much about keeping them.

Suggestions of any kind would be appreciated!

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I would say some type of gourami. Even a dwarf cichlid and show signs of aggression. Gouramis come in many sizes and colors makes for a good show piece
I would go for one or two rainbow cichlids. ( herotilapia multispinosa) They are great color and very, very mild. I have kept them with endlers in a 75 without them even looking at the small fish. They are from the basic mud puddle and are very adaptable to sharing space.

This is three generations of fish. The larger full adult male checking the younger spawning pair with the little black pile of wigglers below them. Just checking, he left them alone to do their work.
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Keyhole child. Lots of personality and 4".
Some of the paradise fish can be really nice, especially the Chinese Macropodus ocellatus
roselines, i love mine
+1 on roselines but you will want a school. I also like my Congo tetra

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Snakeskin gourami? I find that a lot of cichlids are bottom swimmers and dont stand out very well.
African leaf fish. They are peaceful and get about 5 inches. Mine I is dark in this video, but there colors change quite a bit from Day to Day

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Snakeskin Gourami is one of the most peaceful of Gouramis, though they do not have the flashy coloring of the 3 Spot and varieties. I have them in a 125 gallon with Bichers, Clown Loaches and a few catfish.
Moonlight and Pearls are OK, too. They can be a bit more pushy toward each other (and other Anabantoids) but I have kept Pearls together in a 3' long tank. This did not work for the Moonlights, though. 4' or longer tank might work. As singles, any of these Gouramis are just fine.
What this question always come back to is what the poster likes! We all have our favorites but the poster will almost always like something else!
Red-breast acara or Port Acara

Both are found in the river systems serpae tetra are from.
I'm a fan of gouramis. Very peaceful and they grow to a respectable size. Angels imo can be hit or miss. Some very peaceful, some very agressive and doesn't seem to be related to which type, some are just grumpier than others!
Gourami for sure, non agressive and can reach up to 5 inches depending on species, i like pearl a lot
Thanks for the replys, guys. I'm leaning toward the GBR myself, but I know my wife likes gouramis. Have to do some more research, but the ideas are great!

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