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Hey guys,

I just got a 120x60x60 ~430L (4'x2'x2' ~120G) which I'm hoping to set up in the next few weeks. Only thing is, I'm completely stuck as to how to scape such a large space. I currently only have a 4 cube and a 10L nano so it's a big jump.

I've been looking around, but inspiration I find for larger tanks tends to be either Iwagumi-style or a jungle-ish style heavily reliant on one magnificent piece of entirely unique driftwood that I would never hope to find. A lot of other large tanks I find actually turn out to be small tanks that are expertly scaped to seem bigger!!

I like the idea of Iwagumi, but my partner thinks it's boring, so I was thinking of adapting the concept and using various-sized clusters of plants/rocks in an otherwise open space. It seems great in my head, but not sure if it's going to translate to real life.

I'm going to have very high LED lighting, CO2, ADA substrate (or similar), ferts etc so not worried about higher requirement plants. I haven't decided what fish I would like, but I have always loved discus and I'm thinking now might be the time I jump in and do it :D

So if anyone has any ideas, pictures or tips on aquascaping large spaces, please post them!!
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