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I have multiple 5" pieces of cholla wood covered in healthy Java Moss. Amount of Java moss ranges from 1.5 to 2 golf ball portions per cholla wood piece. Moss is tied down with green thread. Moss will fully attach to the cholla wood within a few weeks. the thread will disintegrate, so you only have to place in tank. once thread is gome each wood piece will have a nice bush of Java Moss. The cholla wood will come pre-soaked so it will sink upon arrival. No hitchhikers (pests and algae) are present except the small occurrence of other moss.

I am looking to trade for some Glosso or I will sell for 6.00 a piece.

For sales, shipping will be priority and cost $7.00. 4+ will get free shipping.

Pictures are from tonight, and show the health of the moss.

before thread application

after thread application

3 weeks sitting in a tank thread is gone and moss is a bush (sorry for the bad photo)
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