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Two large Java Fern Windolev Fern lots and one lot of Echinodorus angustifolia "vesuvius" (with a decent mat of 3"x4" of marsilea quadrifolia included - tangled roots) for sale.

First come, first serve. Please PM lot #. For the vesuvius, I counted about 20 decent sized plants and then stopped (didn't count the minimal offshoots with just a few roots).

Pics are taken on a full size newspaper sheet (or half a sheet), you can sort of see how much is here. All are in gallon ziploc bags. Shipping is assumed as $11 priority mail flat rate box.

Grown in EI dosed, LED lit, Flourite 75 gallon tank. Pulled today (Sunday) from my tank during a normal water change (tank was overgrown). I have ramshorn snails, so expect some on the plants. I have typical algae of a tank, so if you are particular, clean the plants once you receive them. They are clean, and I removed any bad specimens, but you might get some hanger-on.

Asking $30 for vesuvius lot, $35 for java ferns (all assumed $10 flat rate USPS priority mail shipping). If you want more than one, deduct $10 from the total for combined shipping.

Lot #1

Lot #2:

Lot #3
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