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Hello, recently thinned out some of my tanks..Especially my NLJF was over grown and needed thinned out badly....As a result ,I have alot of large and small NLJF and some Philipino Java ferns too..Due to the plants being overgrown and cramped together,,,the plants are in good condition but not flawless..My tanks have some ramshorn snails..Sorry no heatpacks,but please mind your weather..

4 Xtra Large NLJF (sold in group only)----------------------$65.00----****SOLD****SOLD****
Shipping medium box/Priority-------------------------------$12.00
very large and like mother plant size..
You can see the root structure is very mature,and they are on top of my washing machine for size/scale...I will include one more smaller one as a bonus..

Small NLJF/Philipino Java plantlets (group only)---------------------------$35.00
Shipping /Priority---------------------------------------------$10.00
Many small NLJF/around 50 plantlets
15 Philipino Java Fern Plantlets..

Any/all inquiries please PM me..Shipping as soon as tomorrow,,pending payment..Pay Pal preferred..Thanks


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