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Up for sale I have one lot of this moss. It is native to Washington but does GREAT in shrimp tanks (does not tolerate heat above 75 well). It took me a few tries to get it to convert to aquaria, but people who have bought shrimp from me know that it grows pretty quick once established!

It's a great rare moss not seen in the hobby often, and a board member suggested I put some up for sale. I just happened to be breaking down an aquarium that had a bunch in it, so here it is for sale. I have one lot of moss, it's pretty big once it's inside of water (looks puny in a baggie), but it's enough to fill a 5 gallon tank with it. It doesn't require much, just cool clean water and some light (low light to high light).

It's 50 dollars shipped for this baggie, it's about 95% large form willow moss, and about 5%ish taiwan moss. Easy to pick it out, I just don't have time.

Here's some pictures. Picture of the bag is the actual moss you're buying, pictures in the aquarium are of a different bunch.

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