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Landscape change - more light needed?

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I am thinking of changing my landscaping and would like opinion if I should be increasing my lighting

Current setup: 29 gal high, 36 watts lighting from Coralife 30" T5 light, florite substrate about 2" deep at front & 4" deep at back & DIY co2 setup. Livestock consists of 13 tetras.

I have been able to grow - amazon sword (does OK) & red wendtii (grows well? height about 10" tall 1/3 stem & 2/3 leaf). I will severely thin out the wendtii & trim back the amazon. I also have some problems with algea on the plant leaves.

Thinking of adding: either dwarf hairgrass or micro sword + some other mid sized plants such as Ludwigia.

Should 36 watts of T5 lighting be enough - how much more T5 wattage do you think I should add.

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Personally, I think you have more than enough light to grow just about anything. Most of the plants you have will be fine with lower lighting. Instead of spending money to upgrade your light, maybe upgrade to pressurized co2. Your tank will benefit more with stable co2 rather than higher light. Pressurized co2 might also help with the algae that you have. Anymore light than you already have will be hard to maintain a balance with diy co2.
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