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Hi All, I'm just now getting back into the hobby after being away for several years. I actually started this build back in June and am just now getting around to making a journal for it (along with 3 more tanks I will also be playing catchup on). I've taken some photos along the way, so let's go back to earlier this Summer when I reignited this obsession, uh I mean renewed my interest in the hobby.

JUNE 9 2022

After initially looking at tanks in the 20 to 30 gallon range, I ended up going with a Landen 90P. This is about the biggest size tank that I considered, also the tallest. Still a decent height without getting too wet when I get in there. The tank was packed well. I also went with the Landen stand for the tank.

Wood Shipping box Gas Flooring Automotive exterior

The stand is pretty decent. It ships flat and needs assembly. The only thing I wish it had were side ports for filter hoses.

Wood Sculpture Material property Art Shipping box

That weekend we added substrate, which was a mix of flourite black, flourite black sand and BCBS. I also bagged some lava stone and used it to create some elevation in the back. For hardscape we used a 44lb case of Seiryu stone and a couple branches of manzanita wood.

Art World Twig Wall Wood

Arthropod Insect Twig Plant Wood

JUNE 24 2022

We got the tank filled with water, and a couple days later added a few plants. I also got the pressurized CO2 set up. Other plants are on the way, but they haven't arrived yet.

Vertebrate Organism Fluid Wood Glass

For lighting I got two AI Freshwater Prime fixtures. These are my first LED fixtures and I think they are super cool. When I left the hobby previously I had been using HOT5s and HQI halides. These things are amazing in comparison.

Organism Plant Rectangle Art Wood

JULY 2 2022

The rest of the plants have arrived!
Many hours later...

Plant Pet supply Organism Aquatic plant Rectangle

Plant Leaf Grass Terrestrial plant Houseplant

Plant Green Organism Rectangle Grass

To be continued...


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AUGUST 6 2022

So about a month has passed and quite a bit has happened. We added some fish and ended up with a small outbreak of ich. This was also around the same time that I realized that our "softened" well water was pretty crummy in general. So we are now using remineralized RO water. During the treatment for ich (everyone survived btw) the elevated temps from treatment triggered a pretty big algae bloom, but also a plant growth boom! I ran extra pumps to help with the algae. It was a nasty bloom of cyanobacteria.

View attachment 1047211

Plant Plant community Terrestrial plant Grass Pet supply

AUGUST 15 2022

Amazing what a week or so can do. Just about all the algae is cleared up and the fish and plants are pretty happy. Everything is looking ready for a trim.

Plant Natural landscape Branch Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

A little cloudy but looking better.

Water Plant Plant community Organism Pet supply

Another day later and the water has cleared up.

Plant Water Natural landscape Branch Terrestrial plant

Plant Plant community Vertebrate Green Terrestrial plant

AUGUST 21 2022

I got this little lens kit for my phone that I've been playing around with. Pretty cool. Now just to get the fish to hold still!

Organism Marine biology Fish Liquid Plant

Plant Insect Water Arthropod Flower

Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Leaf vegetable Groundcover

AUGUST 23 2022

Just a couple quick full tank shots!

Water Plant Green Liquid Tap

Plant community Plant Green Rectangle Terrestrial plant

To be continued...

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AUGUST 24 2022

Realized I'd never taken an "under the tank" shot. Here I've got two canister filters I've been using on and off for some time. A Fluval G3 and a Fluval 204. I also have an inline heater, pH controller for the co2 and plant tools, etc.

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Gas Audio equipment


Quick tank update after a trim. Everything is looking good and stable. Added a couple new plants, smaller tissue cultures. Not much room left at this point. Also trimmed/removed some plants and gave to friends.

Plant Water Plant community Green Natural landscape

Plant Pet supply Water Grass Rectangle

September 18 2022

Finally made it to today! Tank needs a trim. Other than that, all is well. I guess I should probably get around to listing fish and plants in the tank at some point, but I've got 3 other journals to also play catchup on!

Plant Plant community Green Natural landscape Branch

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I'm waging a war on snails. We've had a snail issue going on for a little while now. The ramshorn snails I don't mind so much, they don't reproduce at an annoying rate. The bladder snails, however, reproduce at a ridiculous rate. It seems like we are removing them constantly. I can go through and manually get rid of a large quantity and in a few days it's like I never touched anything. Tonight we employed a new weapon in the war on snails. Ambastaia sidthimunki. The dwarf chain loach.
Plant Houseplant Grass Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

Hopefully these guys put in some work. We added a group of 5. They're super cool and fun to watch, they hang together most of the time, but being brand new they're quite shy at the moment and seemingly knew when I had the camera on them.
Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Flowerpot Houseplant

I'll get some better pictures later once they settle in.

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I have found, and others have mentioned, a pretty direct correlation between overfeeding and "pest" snail population.

I moved to feeding three times a week with care to put the food in an open area in the front of my tank and my bladder snails have dropped to a very low population. Fish and shrimp are all happy and healthy with this plan.

Nice looking scape BTW.
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