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lalvin d47 yeast

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I'm trying out some new yeast and I'm not sure if my yeast is dead or if it's a really slow starter. Im talking about lalvin d47. It's been about 4 hours now and still not going. There are no leaks and im using a hagen bubble ladder so there doesn't need to be that much pressure anyway. There is no initial foam or any indication that the yeast is doing anything. The experation date is for 2013. No yeast I've used in the past would take this long to get going. In the past I used lalvin ec-1118 and before that, i used regular bakers yeast.
Anybody here ever tried this yeast before? I recently purchased some d47, ec-1118, and k1-v1116. I hope I didn't buy dead yeast. I'm going to give it a day and if it's still not working I'll start testing the other yeasts.
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As a DIY co2 user, I'm always looking to make my system more efficient and improve output. For the longest time I focused exclusively on the yeast, Mixing, storing, oxygenation, temperature variants. Like you, if I didn't see something happening within an hour I was worried. Shaking this mixing that, when all I had to so was wait. Yeast likes to take its time, you can't set your clock by it trays for sure. While 4 hours may seem like an excessive amount of time, keep in mind, the outside variables can play a big role in how quick things happen. I have seen it take over 12 hours to get a good reaction going, it all depends on the variables. I won't get onto all of them, unless you ask, but don't panic just yet.

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It's going just fine now. Seems to be producing at a slightly slower rate than ec1118. All variables are about the same except for the stain of yeast i used so I feel confident in saying that this lalvin d47 just starts slower.

Most people using lalvin brand seem to be using ec1118 but i decided to test out different strains so i got some d47 and k1-v1116. You can see from the chart in this link that d47 is moderate in speed and ec1118 is fast. It will be a while before I test out the k1-v1116 but acording to that chart i think it might be the best one.
In the past I used lalvin ec-1118.
I've used EC-1118 before. Pretty fast to ferment. I even use hot water from the tap which I thought the would kill the yeast but it didnt.
Learning something new

Folks, I was looking for some clues why D47 seems a bit slow at the starting line and found myself here and a bit confused. It happens that I have multiple interests one being a 130+ gallon planted aquarium. I use direct co2 via a reactor but I never thought about using yeast!

How exactly is this done?
DIY CO2 is pretty popular.. you should be able to find plenty of threads and resources on the generalities of using yeast-produced CO2 for a tank. Really the big downside of the approach is that it is hard to get consistent CO2 levels.

As for the Lavin D47 (a wine yeast), from what I understand this particular yeast is a bit of a nutrient hog. Most of the DIY CO2 guys are just using sugar and water, and this yeast probably doesn't thrive in those conditions without added nitrogen.
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