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Kworkers 40 b peninsula

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So yesterday I was real busy moving my 55 gal from basement into my bedroom since I'm downsizing and want to clear out of the basement since my time is limited. Anyway I purchased a metal stand for it at LFS and decided in my room to set it up as a peninsula since my Walls in my room are oddly shaped. After setting it up yesterday I became increasingly worried this thing is going to tip its damn wobbly.

With that worry I went out and got myself a new 40b for dollar gal. And Manhattan stand. I am confident I won't be worried about this tipping since added width of the 40.

Once I get home later I'll be moving everything over and hopefully returning that terrible stand.

Tank will be stocked with my school of 13 pepper Cory(7 bred by me), 30 black skirt terra, 1 silver angel, and 11 oto.

This setup will have atleast one aquaclear70 and heavily planted. Low tech. Hoping to get some pictures posted later
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