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Kwokwok's 30cm cube project!!

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Hi all!

First time starting a 'journal' .. Figured it would b a good idea to share what I'm doing and also get some (hopefully constructive) feedback!

After filling out my 2fter and shrimp nano I thought I'd start this 30cm cube as more of a 'controlled' project.. With previous tanks being 'hey let's chuck this in'

I used up the rest of my ADA Amazonia II .. Barely enough IMO

And the cycling begins!!!
Threw in my biggest piece of leftover java fern

My gf also helped me put the rocks into their pictured position.. And gave me the 'if u love me u won't move them' look -_-"

There's also a sprouted piece of banana lily..couple of pygmy chain sword (sorry forgot the scientific name..)


A single strand of HC to see how It well it survive =]

Daily 8 hrs of 2x18w (10k & 6.5k)
Daily dose of seachem stability
HOB aquaclear 20 filter with seachem matrix

(this was started about 3 wks ago.. Will upload more progress later)

Thanks for reading =)
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Current picture =]

added a whole bunch of HC stems ..

There's now a few strands of mud mat along the middle which I'm hopin will form some sort of a path..

And 2 rocks with riccia which I'm hoping will become bushy =]

Staurogyne and blyxa

L. India, rotala and not sure what the furthest back left corner is anymore..
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I like where your going with this tank. It will look better once the HC covers the fore ground. keep us posted.
What is the clay pot for?
It did have the base of my sprouted banana lily in it.. But It all melted away during the first week .. =(

U can see it in the second pic from the top.. It looked quite unique with a few stems going up to the surface and sprouts a few 2" leaf

But right now... Nth.. Just waiting for a bright idea .. Or become a hiding spot when I move the bumblebee gobies in =]

Current pic...

The hc is starting to get rooted nicely and most have started off shooting ..

Note also the furthest front left ( boy the corner) strand was the initial testing strand =D

Blyxa and staurogyne have also started to take off thanks to the diy co2 =]

A single albino danio is now living here more prematurely than I would've liked... Even though ammonia and nitrite are now at 0.. Ph is still quite low nearing 6 =S
But he's been aggressive to my females in my other tank and had to move him before he does anymore damage ...

Again comments/suggestions welcome =)
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after weeks of sleepless night i've rescaped the tank into...

i've taken out the bunchie plant at the back cos i think its just cluttering.. and a couple of bunches of blyxa as well..

i also spent a few days juggling whether to use these driftwood .. or fork out another $50 for some iwagumi rocks.. in the end i settled on these driftwoods.. which im actually quite happy with.. especially the point in the middle.. leading to a cave sorta thing... reminding me of the scene in Lord of the Rings III: Return of the Kings.. aragorn and crew walks into the cave of the army of the dead and legolas says "The way is shut. It was made by those who are dead, and the dead keep it. The way is shut." (no im not a geek)

(yes i know theres a smudge on my lens....)

and heres my pregnant bumblebee goby "batman" who i named thinking she's a he... dashing around in the poor HCs that are trying to root...

one thing I'm not too happy with is the one grey rock still left there... feels really out of place.. but i want something there....
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I like the rock where it's at. Leave it and avoid the fight with the gf.
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