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My female and male Krib pair wasnt eating and hiding way to much for the first 2 and a half weeks. I saw some white stringy poop so I treated the tank with API General Cure. Next thing I know, lots of white stringy poop and white things look like they were coming out of my female Kribs head. After a day of seeing that, I did a small water change and dosed my 20 gallon long with General Care, API EM, and Super Ick and some Epson Salt to help them get the parasites out. My male Krib is swimming around well, but my female Krib is just floating around a little bit and swimming on her side.

Should I just let them sit in the tank while the meds are working for like a week?

How can I help my Kribs get interested and eating food. I've tried blood worms, flake and Cichlid pellets. Any tips tricks.

I just want my fish to stay healthy and grow and have babies. They're great looking fish. I added some pictures.


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