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krib babies

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after my water change this week, i noticed 3 krib fry swimming around my planted 20H. wish i would have noticed before i vacuumed, but its too late now. Parents are doing very well, dad is doing most of the babysitting, and the have the 6 zebra danios held to the top 3 inches of the tank. This is my first batch of fry, so my question is, how long till they grow up? and how long till my fish are ready to spawn again? This is a pretty well established tank, so there is a lot of algae and diatoms for the babies to graze on, plus the flake that i feed daily. Is there any other special treatment that i need to give my young 'uns? thanks!
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Ultimately if they're kept in the same tank as other fish I think they will be eaten before they reach adulthood, despite the efforts of the parents. If you can place the parents in their own tank if this batch doesn't make it, that will give you the best opportunity for raising the fry....
my other (10g) tank has three hatchetfish and is very sparsly decorated...which is better for the fry? They are probably 10 days old now.
If you could swap the kribs and the hatchetfish that would be best i think...
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