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Alright, so I'm getting back into tank keeping and have been driving all around town checking out the LFS's. Here is a list of the ones I have found so far, please let me know if I've missed any.

Petsmart - I know of the one next to West Town and the one in Turkey Creek

Pet Supply Plus


Aquatic Marine on Clinton Hwy - kinda disappointed with their freshwater set up. All the tanks were covered in algae, including their plant holding tank

Aquarium Connection on Papermill - I always love these guys... I just wish they had a better selection of driftwood.

I was disappointed to find that Fins n' Skins had shut down... I can't say that I am surprised... the store always smelled bad. But, they used to have a somewhat decent selection of driftwood and would occasionally get some cool plants and fish in.

I also noticed that the pet store that used to beside the Kroger's on Clinton Hwy is no longer there. They also would sometimes get nice pieces of driftwood.

There also used to be a pet store in Oakridge that had a decent plant selection. I'm pretty sure they're closed down now too.

Please feel free to include good stores to visit in nearby cities. :) Anything within a 2 hour drive is fair game for me.
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